Cline Cattle Company Herdsires:

CCC Angus Herdsires
CCC Simmental Herdsires
Connealy Impression
Mr NLC Upgrade U8676

Connealy Consensus 7229

Mr NLC Superior
Connealy Capitalist 028
Clines Cow Making Grade 049X
Kesslers Frontman R001
Clines Dream Come True 728T
Rito 6EM3 of 4L1 Emblazon
S A V Final Answer 0035
S A V Pioneer 7301
Leachman Right Time
Emulation N Bar 5522
N Bar Emulation EXT
DHD Traveler 6807
CCC Red Angus Herdsires
Owned Current Angus Herdsires:
HXC Conquest
Barretts 0966 of 4004 GN (semen available)
Red 6 Mile Full Throttle
Clines Emulation 5522 01
Coleys Advance 610S
Clines Ideal 92 of 332 5175
BUF CRK Cheerokee Canyon 4912

Misson In Focus 9593

Brown Vacation


Angus Bulls for sale this fall by Leachman Right Time, DHD Traveler 6807, Connealy Impression, Connealy Consensus 7229, SAV Predominant, SAV Density.

Simmental Bulls by Clines Dream Come True, Clines 98W, LBS The Foreman 702T, Mr NLC Upgrade, Mr NLC Superior, Hummer.

A couple featured sets of ET Angus bulls available this spring by SAV 004 Density 4336 and our Shady Brook Entense 1257 donor. 7 full brothers. SAV Final Answer 0035 and Clines 443 143 9150. 4 excellent heifer bull prospect full brothers. Connealy Impression x Barretts Miss 1603.

Simmental bulls available next spring by Mr NLC Upgrade, Mr NLC Superior, and Clines Dream Come True.

For information about the calves out of these bulls, contact us!


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